I was 16, a boy from the german Odenwald, when I looked in the mirror and seriously asked myself what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and what I wanted to do with my life.

And even then it was clear: I wanted to photograph weddings. I want to capture emotions. I want to be a wedding photographer.

I would never have expected that a few weeks earlier. But then I was at a wedding with a camera. And I was immediately hooked. Back home after my first day accompanying a wedding, I looked in the mirror and it was completely clear to me: this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Wedding photographer! That was in 2014.

And since then, I have lived and worked every day for my dream of being a wedding photographer. And not just any one, but a really good one. I've walked a hard and rocky road to achieve this, sacrificing the "normal" life of a teenager, spending days and nights at weddings, maturing, growing up and getting better and better. And even if it wasn't always easy to follow this path to becoming a wedding photographer: I don't regret a single second of it. Because, yes, I really have found my calling!

I have now received over 300 national and international awards for my wedding photos and have been one of the "Top 5 wedding photographers in German-speaking countries" every year since 2015. You can imagine how proud and happy that makes this little boy from the Odenwald, can't you? In the meantime, I've already lived in Wiesbaden and now I've moved to Koblenz for love. But no matter what changed: the job was always clear. Because I'm passionate about weddings, daytime reportages and working as a wedding photographer. Nothing makes me happy. So I found my "till death do us part" early on and out of conviction. And I never want to give it up again. Just like you do with that one person you never want to give up again. So let me be there as your wedding photographer when you stand in front of the mirror or this one person and are sure that you want to do this for the rest of your life. I'll be there!

And what else do I do when I'm not working as a wedding photographer in the Odenwald, Wiesbaden, Koblenz or even further afield in Italy, Virginia or maybe New York?

When I'm not photographing weddings, editing pictures or chilling with bridal couples, you might find me doing sports. Because it's not just at weddings that I love to move and be active. In my youth, I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and was, among other things, state champion in Hesse. Weekend after weekend, I was in the swimming pools of Germany and Europe, competing with others, fighting for tenths and hundredths, giving my best, but also making many friends. I still benefit enormously from this fighting spirit and friendship today as a wedding photographer. And even though I've turned my back on competitive sport, not a day goes by when I don't exercise. Of course, this is also to keep fit for my job as a wedding photographer, which can be a real challenge. Athletics and running are on my daily agenda. And when the oats bite me, the water gets me again and I get a few kilometers behind me. Because I admit it: whether as a wedding photographer or just for fun: I just like to push myself to my physical limits.

New faces, new places. It's not just as a wedding photographer that I enjoy discovering the world with all its facets and peculiarities. Wiesbaden or Koblenz are beautiful places to call home and I'm always happy when I come back home after an adventure - but the world is simply too diverse not to explore and experience it bit by bit. I am particularly fond of the continent of Africa, with all its colors, its landscape and its people. My heart beats faster here. Hier schlägt mein Herz höher. Africa has a magic that I have never felt in any other place - okay, except maybe at weddings. However, I must confess: A few years ago, I also fell a little bit in love with the USA: I was immediately impressed by the vastness and freedom of the country and the weddings I was able to accompany there as a wedding photographer (in Virginia and New York zum Beispiel, for example) were truly unique. But, I want to be honest: I don't know where it will take me next. Maybe to your wedding? Where would you like to go?


In addition to my work as a wedding photographer, I am incredibly happy to pass on my concentrated knowledge. In coaching sessions and lectures, I make no secret of my journey from a young boy from the Odenwald to a wedding photographer, giving tips and tricks and supporting my esteemed colleagues wherever I can. I never thought I would say this, but I really enjoy encouraging other photographers on their way to their dream of becoming a wedding photographer. Just like me, they are passionate about their wishes and goals. That is simply wonderful!

That's why it's always a great honor and pleasure for me when the most renowned and largest wedding photographer conferences in Europe invite me as a speaker to tell my story to other image enthusiasts. It's the perfect way to share with these enthusiasts my experience of how I went from a shy boy to a wedding photographer to a speaker in front of several hundred people. Sometimes paths open up that you could never have imagined. I am excited to see where my path as a wedding photographer will take me.


I confess: I love car racing! But no, not so much Formula 1 or DTM, I'm particularly interested in the American NASCAR. Yes, I know, I'm a racing nerd! So when I'm not at weddings at the weekends, or when the time difference and late race starts mean I can fit it in, I like to stay up all night to watch the races in the USA. I often do this with my best friend – Trautante Friederike – hom I have infected with this passion. I've even flown to Las Vegas to cheer on my favorite driver Chase Elliott (#9)! The madness. I just think the races are entertaining, exciting and suit me as an endorphin and emotion junkie 😉 My biggest dream outside of wedding photography? To experience the Daytona 500 in Florida live! I can still do that!

And then I also love cooking, I'm level 50 at Pokemon Go, a series junkie and if I wasn't so sporty, you'd think I was a nerd 😉


Bräutigam mit Hochzeitsauto bei einer Hochzeit im Wasserschloss Unsleben in der Rhön fotografiert von Hochzeitsfotograf Steven Herrschaft aus dem Harz

Do you collect stamps, climb the highest mountains in the world, have a passion for manga or know every line of the Harry Potter books by heart?

Tell me about your exciting hobbies and things that interest you! I'm dying to get to know you not just as a wedding couple, but as exactly the people you are!