“Wedding photographer”. This was my decision more than 5 years ago. Since that, I am living my dream every day. It was a hard, and sometimes debilitating path, that shaped me. For which I have sacrificed much. For which I have left behind the normal life of a teenager – but I don't regret everything for a single second.

I am more than happy that I achieved more than 150 national and international awards and been awarded for three years in a row as one of the Top 5 Wedding photographers in German speaking countries -, all of that makes me proud and happy at the same time. I feel amazing - in my skin and my life. I am incredibly thankful, that I've already found, what some people are searching for their entire lifes.



When I'm not photographing weddings, editing images or chillin' with other bridal couples, you may can find me doing sports. I love sports - to move and be active. For 10 years in my youth I did swimming as a competitive sport and was for example state champion. Every weekend I was in the swimming pools of Germany and Europe and have measured myself with others, fighting for tenths and hundredths but also grew amazing friendships. Even though I have turned my back on the competitive sports, there is not a single day passed I am not active. Athletics, Running and now and then I go without any pressure into the water to swim a few laps – or rather a few kilometers - to swim. I just like to push myself to my physical limits.

New faces, new places. I like to explore the world with all its facets and specialties. Germany is indeed beautiful as a home and I'm always happy, when I walk through my front door after another adventure - but the world is just too versatile, so I have to explore it step by step. One place I am especially into is the continent of Africa, with all its colors, its landscape and its people. Africa has a magic, I've never discover anywhere else before. Most recently, I fell a little bit in love with the United States: the space and freedom of the country immediately impressed me. Where it takes me next - we will see.


Besides being a wedding photographer I give my knowledge to others in form of Coachings and presentations to other colleagues. I never thought, I'd say this, but for the me it's so fun, to help other photographers in what they burn for. In recent years, I had several times the opportunity to tell my story at the biggest wedding photographer conferences in Europe to other people and let them participate in my experiences. From a shy boy to a speakers in front of several hundred people: this is something, you could've never imagined before it just happened.