Wiesbaden Wedding Photographer: A wonderful wedding with wheelchair

9. January 2019

Today I want share another exciting story with you, I had with a really cool bridal couple and their party.

You can say, weddings are also my stories, because I also take part of these days. Although only as a silent observer, I am still part of a new family for this one day. People, the share with me their stories and reveal, who they really are. I am very happy, I can document those heartwarming, joyous, emotional and sometimes simply funny moments for the rest of their lifes..

So they are also my memories, I show in my pictures. I see these stories everytime I look at those images. I photograph for my bridal couples, but also for myself. And I really enjoy thinking back to this day at the end of October.

This time I was traveling from my home Odenwald – to the pretty close Wiesbaden for a civil wedding.

Rebecca and Giuseppe tied the knot at Kurhaus Wiesbaden. As so often it was a first time for me there. even after more than 100 weddings it’s still pretty rare, I’m in the same place twice. It really mixes things up! Still, I highly recommend the wedding hall of the Kurhaus. A really nice location for a civil ceremony.

After the champagne reception at Kurhaus in the center of Wiesbaden, for the rest of the day we went a bit outside of the city centre. The wedding venue on this day was Restaurant Mainzblick directly located at the Rhine between the two cities Mainz and Wiesbaden. From here you have a magnificent view on Mainz.

The evening program consisted of many emotional and funny speeches, before the day was celebrated. Legendary? Oh yes. It even included dancing on the tables and loud screaming of song lyrics. Summarized you can say: exactly my taste.

And as a grand finale even one of the images has won the world’s most prestigious prize in wedding photography – the Fearless Award!

Braut Getting Ready
Braut mit Schleier
Braut Einzug
Hochzeitsgäste und Kind
Emotional Standesamt
Rollstuhl Standesamt
Kind Hochzeitsgäste
Gratulation und Opa
Fearless Award Humor Hochzeit
Detail Brautkleid
Kinder Candy Bar
Rede Hochzeit
Redner Hochzeitsgäste Farbe
Erster Tanz
Rollstuhl Tanz Hochzeit
Hochzeit Frau Feiern
Party Hochzeit Tische
Party Gäste Rollstuhl Braut Tanzen
Party Hochzeit
Gast Hochzeit Krawatte
Braut und Bräutigam Rollstuhl
Farben Hochzeitslocation
Gäste Feiern Heiraten
Spaß Feiern Party
Blitz Party Hochzeit
Gruppen Tanzen Hochzeit
Farben Hochzeiten Tanz