Wedding at Seehotel Niedernberg: wedding photographer in Aschaffenburg

30. September 2014

Wow. This wedding at Seehotel Niedernberg was just amazing. The wedding location near Aschaffenburg is really one of the great places for me as a photographer but of course also a huge recommendation for all bridal couples.

But let’s start from the beginning: Jana’s and Matthias’ day started much earlier with their civil wedding ceremony at Schloss Philippsruhe in Hanau. I have already photographed several weddings there. The magnificent castle offers beautiful corners for special pictures.



Civil wedding ceremony in Philippsruhe Castle in Hanau

After the somewhat rainy First Look and the first greetings of the guests, it went now directly for all of us in the wedding hall of the castle for the first wedding ceremony of the day. Because: Jana and Matthias said “yes” to each other twice on this day and exchanged wedding rings. In the morning in the civil ceremony and in the afternoon in a free wedding ceremony.

Maybe you ask yourselves: do you need that? Do you have to get married twice? And with my experience from over 250 weddings I can tell you: but so what!



Civil or free wedding ceremony? An opinion a wedding photographer in Aschaffenburg

Of course, a civil wedding is something like the duty part. Without it, you are not married on paper. That’s fine if you don’t want that. However, I think that many bridal couples are interested in being registered as a married couple by law.

That’s all nice and great, Steven. But why do you need a free wedding, if I am already legally married? Quite simply: because you can get married here just as you are!



Free wedding ceremony at a wedding at Seehotel Niedernberg

A good free wedding speech reflects what distinguishes you. Your character and your personalities are brought out and only you as a wedding couple is in focus. This speech is not 08/15 or interchangeable. Because it is the product of all the input you gave your wedding speaker a conversation before the big day. This is also the difference to church, where God is in the center. And that’s exactly how it was with Jana and Matthias.

After the short civil wedding ceremony we all went towards the Seehotel in Niedernberg. There we arranged for a short couple shoot at the beautiful lake. You don’t need hours to take great photos. Why would you, if you miss so much time with your loved ones for that? After all, you only get married once – and certainly not just for bridal couple portraits!



Bridal couple pictures from wedding photographer at the lake near Aschaffenburg

The free wedding ceremony took place on a jetty at the water. Here you can see that the Seehotel in Niedernberg has already had countless experiences with weddings. This was perfect became it was roofed. Especially with the changeable weather, this was absolutely amazingly planed.

With the exit, the cozy part of the day began: champagne reception, congratulations and hugs. As a wedding photographer, I love capturing all these emotions in pictures. And then the wedding cake came rolling in, cut in front of the eyes of the guests.



Cake cutting and congratulations in the Orangery of the Seehotel

The best part was that with the early cake cutting there was more time for the party. After the delicious dinner, the party was so really extensive and wild – still amazing memories. The wedding dance with sparklers was the start of a wonderful night of celebration with a band.



Wedding celebration with band at Seehotel Niedernberg

At the end, the bride and groom had thought of something special: Each guest left a lantern in the lake and the Seehotel Niedernberg was suddenly brightly lit at this wedding. Simply a great day for the wedding party and of course for me as a wedding photographer in Aschaffenburg.