Interkulturelle Hochzeiten: Ein afrikanisches Sommermärchen in Solingen

9. May 2013

Es gibt Momente im Leben eines Hochzeitsfotografen, die einfach unvergesslich sind. Die Hochzeit von Collette und ihrem Partner Daniel war genau so ein Moment. Eine interkulturelle Hochzeit, die die Schönheit von Sambia mit der deutschen Kultur verband. Ein Fest der Liebe, das zwei Welten in einer perfekten Symbiose vereinte.

There are moments in a wedding photographer’s life that are simply unforgettable. Collette and her partner Daniel’s wedding was just such a moment. An intercultural wedding that combined the beauty of Zambia with German culture. A celebration of love that united two worlds in a perfect symbiosis.



Getting Ready at the Hotel & Restaurant Villa Paulus in Remscheid

The day began with bride Collette’s Getting Ready at the picturesque Hotel & Restaurant Villa Paulus. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement. The air was warm and you could feel the summer heat that accompanied this special day. I tell you, we already knew here: it’s going to be hot today 😀.

But it didn’t matter, because: The bride had taken precautions and had not only one wedding dress that she could sweat through 😀.

Still, it was a magical moment when Collette slipped into her stunning wedding dress. The emotion was palpable as she looked at herself in the mirror, surrounded by her closest friends and family, who may have had a tear or two in her eye.



Freie Trauung im Haus Müngsten mit Hochzeitsfotograf in Solingen

After an exuberant round of photos with the gentlemen of creation, the wedding started. The wedding ceremony was held by close friends of the wedding couple. And you know I’m a fan of professional wedding celebrants, but these friends did a really great job. It was an intimate and touching moment. The words, the love and the connection between bride and groom was absolutely feelable even for me as their wedding photographer in Solingen.  The African culture blended harmoniously with the German tradition, and it was a truly international and bonding moment.

Therefore, today a few tips if you are planning an intercultural wedding.



Tips for cross-cultural celebrations by a wedding photographer

Be sure to respect both cultures: it’s important to include both cultures in the celebrations and make sure both sides feel represented and respected. You may want to ask your parents what traditions and customs are, because between you and me, what’s on the internet is rarely true. This is simply because customs at weddings are often very individual and special from region to region. You probably wouldn’t do a tea bag throwing contest in Bavaria either, would you? hehe.

– Communication is key: Be sure to talk to each other about traditions, rituals, wishes and expectations. This way you can find out what you want from each other and then bring in exactly those parts of each culture that best suit you as a wedding couple.

– Be open to new things: Intercultural weddings are a great opportunity to learn and experience new things. Be receptive to new experiences and traditions, celebrate and have fun! And respect customs, but hey, feel free to match what doesn’t quite fit at first glance. Your wedding should fit you, not the other way around!



Evening event at a wedding in Haus Müngsten in Solingen

After dinner, bride Collette took the floor. Her speech was moving and showed the depth of her feelings and the importance of this day. There was really not a dry eye in the room. I am always grateful and happy that I can witness such emotional moments and capture them for eternity as a wedding photographer. 

And then, it finally started: the wild party time! The party was a real highlight. The mixture of African rhythms and international hits created an exuberant atmosphere. There was dancing, laughing and partying until the early hours of the morning… and as you can see: with a Zambian dress of the bride. I think this is a really great idea. And especially with the summer temperatures just a good idea to celebrate another culture and show it the respect it deserves.



Party auf einer interkulturellen Hochzeit in Solingen

Interkulturelle Hochzeiten sind ein Fest der Liebe, das Grenzen überschreitet. Es war mir eine Ehre, diesen besonderen Tag mit Collette und Daniel als Hochzeitsfotograf im Haus Müngsten zu teilen und die Magie ihrer Liebe festzuhalten. Es war ein Tag voller Emotionen, Lachen und unvergesslicher Momente. Ein Tag, der zeigt, dass Liebe keine Grenzen kennt.