Alzenau wedding photographer: wedding at the restaurant “Alte Post”

11. October 2018

As a wedding photographer in Alzenau, I was allowed to document Nadine and Andi at their small autumn wedding at restaurant “Alte Post”.

But one thing at a time – because my day started much earlier. And by much earlier I mean at 8am at the hairdresser Salon Morhard in Mainaschaff near Aschaffenburg for the bride’s hairstyling. 8am – that’s really early… Do you even need photos of that, Steven?



Getting Ready with wedding photographer in Alzenau

Well – it’s like any good story after all: it starts relaxed and keeps building up to the climax. Until it fades out towards the end. And that’s exactly how it is with wedding reportages: they start with the Getting Ready – very calmly in the morning. The tension keeps building until it reaches the big event: the wedding ceremony. The exchange of rings, the kiss. Then the congratulations and the big fireworks of emotions. And the end? Of course, the celebration at the venue with the party. Without every single part, something is missing: the story is not told and incomplete.

But that is not the only reason. The Getting Ready provides the perfect opportunity for us to “get used” to each other. Of course, I do a get-to-know-you session with my wedding couples before each assignment, where we chat and usually talk about everything but the wedding. I’ always excited to meet new people and their lives and get closer to them personally.


Creative photos in the morning of the wedding

Still, it’s something different to be photographed by a camera. Even though I work very discreetly, in the first moments it is a bit unusual for people who are perhaps not in the spotlight every day. That’s why it’s nicer if you as the bride and groom aren’t thrown right into the deep end.

In addition, the wedding morning also offers me as a photographer the opportunity to start the day relaxed and take creative pictures – without any time pressure or stress like at other points of the day. I have time to look at the surroundings, experiment and try things out. I love Getting Readys because I can give my creativity even more freedom there than at any other parts of the day.



Ceremony at Church St. Julinus near Aschaffenburg

And that’s exactly how it worked with Nadine and Andi: after the appointment at the hairdresser, we went together to Nadine’s parents in Karl am Main – not far from Alzenau. There, the bride and groom got ready before everyone headed off to St. Justinus church.

The First Look in front of the church gates at the market place was insane. I love capturing moments like that, where even the groom has tears in his eyes. As a wedding photographer in Alzenau, I am just happy to be able to capture such moments for eternity.



Reception at market square with wedding photographer in Alzenau

After the church wedding, the two had thought of something special: maybe Nadine and Andi don’t quite look it, but they love brass band music. And what would fit better then than a real music band? “Just marry as you are”. That’s what I advise every one of my bridal couples. And these two really took it to heart.


Wedding celebration in the restaurant “Alte Post“

For the subsequent celebration, the wedding couple chose the restaurant “Alte Post” directly opposite the church in downtown Alzenau. So no one had long ways and everything was within walking distance. Really practical! Together we celebrated there until late at night and had a really great time.