Aschaffenburg Wedding photographer

Even if I’m used to travel for weddings though every part of Europe (and even way further) fairly often, sometimes it’s also nice to have a few weddings near home … And although I’m still a Hesse, Bavaria has become more than just home for me over the last few years. For years I traveled daily between Aschaffenburg and Lützelbach.

That is why I’m happy every time, I can photograph weddings in Aschaffenburg and the surrounding area. In the vicinity there are also some really top locations, that I you can highly recommend you . At all these places, I was already able to document couples as a wedding photographer in the last few years and I hope, to come back to this places for a few times in the future.

A wedding party at Gutshof Unterbessenbach near Aschaffenburg in Waldaschaff

The best party locations for weddings in the lower Main region

There are many beautiful locations for wedding couples and wedding photographer located near Aschaffenburg. But one of them really stands out. And that’s the Gutshof Unterbessenbach in Waldaschaff. Not just anyone, who wants to celebrate a barn wedding, they are completely right here. The location is relativ newly built in the last few years and it is just gorgeous. There is even a lake with an island and footbridge, on which you can do e.g. a wedding ceremony. Somehow, everything feels like in a movie.

Entry of the bride on the island for the wedding ceremony

I can’t miss out one of my classics on this small list. Namely, the Seehotel Niedernberg. They even have several rooms, where you can celebrate awesome wedding parties. My favorite is the Orangery where you can overlook the Niedernberg Lake. On hot summer days, it has a real beach atmosphere, as in Italy or Spain. As a wedding photographer I had sand in places , that you don’t even want to imagine… 

But that’s what I love about the Seehotel.

Wedding in the Orangery of the Seehotel Niedernberg

If we name the Seehotel, I also include the Marienhof Fecher on this list. A great wedding location, which offers plenty of space for a great party. The hall was made recently and is a mixture of modern and rustic style – You should look this one up in any case !

The fire pits at the “Farmerstube” are definitely a real eye-catcher!

Full-day wedding photography in Aschaffenburg, Germany

I hope, I could help you a little for your wedding in Aschaffenburg. Or do you perhaps have a different super awesome location, where I can document your day as a photographer?

I was awarded as one of the Top 5 best wedding photographer in Germany and I’m happy to call 80 national and international awards my own. You should definitely check out my Blog, if you would like to see more of my images. In any case I’m happy about every nice mail from you via the contact form form!