Bad Soden Wedding Photographer: an emotional outdoor-wedding at “Rote Mühle”

7. March 2018

It is probably no secret anymore, when I say, I think that outdoor weddings are super cool. That is why I am quite happy, that I found the time, to show you the wedding of Linda and Frank! Already at the preliminary meeting I had a place in my heart, after we talked for hours at our first meeting – but sometimes things are like that… So it is even more understandable, that I was super excited for the wedding of Linda and Frank at “Rote Mühle” in Bad Soden.

After the Getting Ready in Frankfurt we drove in an old Mercedes to Bad Soden. Well, at least in this direction. The “red mill” is quite far away from any town, and is therefore truly idyllic. It has lots of free space, where you also can have a good time in the evening and not having to be afraid, to disturb someone. A great wedding venue!

On a meadow near the venue, the free ceremony took place after the arrival of the bride. The ceremony was held by Eva Hildenbeutel a.k.a. “Crazy Litte Wedding” and it was – as always with her – fantastic. Super personal, totally creative and entertaining. A real recommendation, if you are looking for a wedding celebrant.

After the champagne reception and countless tearful congratulations, we went into the tent for the evening, where the dinner took place. And there we had a huge party? Nope! Linda and Frank wanted to celebrate their party outdoors.

I am of the opinion, if you have a cool idea, then you should do it. And they did! Damn, how much I loved this decision as a wedding photographer, when they had their opening dance at the mill during sunset. What a terrific light situation! Even when it later got later got slightly colder and darker, the guest had so much fun and celebrated a hack of a party! A wonderful day with lots of small and big moments that I was part of as a wedding photographer. But just look yourself…