Beligian Wedding Photographer: a tasmanian wedding in Ardennes

22. February 2017

And once again I went abroad for my bridal couples: Alex and Michele gave their vows in Houffalize in Belgium. However, the two of them were the ones who had the read journey behind. That’s because they live on the other end of the world: in Tasmania. This is a small island on the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean and part of Australia!

You may know me a bit, that I love to travel and at the preliminary I was totally intrigued of the fact, that both of them live more than 16.000 kilometers away from Germany.

For the wedding have Alex and Michele’s motto “Relaxed Holiday” ‘, and that fit perfectly. the venue is a great vacation area right before the Belgian town of Houffalize – which they rented for a whole weekend as the scene of a beautiful wedding. The guests from all over the world had a huge space available to have fun together.

After smaller showers of rain in the morning, the weather was absolute perfect for the wedding ceremony on a nearby river. It was really idyllic and pleasantly warm. Added by the really personal ceremony and the rush of water. Simply perfect!

Just a few meters away there was a huge party tent. Yep, it was huge. Room for more than 100 Guests and still a huge dance floor with disco lighting, fog and a laser show. It was, you can imagine, used extensively for the whole evening. As we can tell from the pictures: it was still celebrated together late into the night!