Boppard wedding photographer: a portuguese wedding at Schoeneck Castle

15. August 2023

As a wedding photographer in Boppard and Koblenz, I have already experienced many impressive weddings, but the Portuguese wedding of Bruna and Moritz was something very special – and not just because I once learned a few words of Portuguese during my studies. 

Imagine an elegant celebration under the stars, with a breath of summer air and an international atmosphere – that’s exactly what this delightful couple’s wedding was like.



The preparations at Schöneck Castle near Koblenz: a touch of Portugal in the wedding air

The wedding day began in an atmosphere full of anticipation. Bruna, surrounded by her closest friends, loved ones and make-up artist Anastasia Sabrowski, got ready in a relaxed and cheerful mood. The Portuguese music playing in the background and the summer breeze blowing through the window set the tone for the day. I can only say it again and again: I love being a part of the getting ready at weddings. Always an incomparable honor 😊



The wedding ceremony with wedding photographer in Boppard: Love in the open air

The ceremony took place outside at Schöneck Castle, under a beautifully classically decorated flower arch that reflected the elegance and charm of this wedding. The looks on Bruna and Moritz’s faces when they first met were magical – a moment I particularly love as a wedding photographer.

And with that, the wonderful wedding day took its course. On which the wedding couple really did a lot of things right. So here are a few tips for a successful international wedding.



Tips for international weddings from a photographer in Koblenz

Embrace language diversity: At an international wedding, it is important that all guests feel welcome. Multilingual ceremonies or information materials are a nice gesture.

Combine local and international cuisine: Bruna and Moritz opted for a menu that offered both Portuguese specialties and international dishes to suit all tastes. Perfect!

Musical variety: A DJ provided a mix of international hits and traditional Portuguese music in the evening. So everyone got their money’s worth.

Integrating cultural elements: The decorations reflected both Portuguese and international influences, adding a personal and cultural depth to the wedding.

Timing for international guests: When planning, take into account that some guests may have jet lag. Long wedding weekends are of course doubly popular 😉

Accommodation for guests: A list of recommended hotels in different price ranges was a great help for international guests.

Organize transportation: Shuttles from the hotel to the wedding venue were a blessing, especially for those who weren’t familiar with the area. You know how you can get lost in a foreign country on the first day, right? Well, I was.

Create a relaxed atmosphere: A relaxed and warm atmosphere helps to bridge language barriers and cultural differences.

Wedding planners with international experience: an experienced planner with experience at and with international weddings can be a great support. I will be happy to give you names as soon as you are looking 😉

Capturing memories: As a wedding photographer, I make sure to capture the diversity and uniqueness of the guests and your big day to capture the emotional and international essence of the day. Amazing.



Dinner and socializing with a wedding photographer in Boppard: A celebration of love and joy

The dinner at this beautiful wedding was held outdoors, accompanied by soft lighting that created a fairytale atmosphere. The speeches were heartfelt and humorous, a perfect blend of Portuguese passion and international warmth. 

But when the DJ started the music, the dance floor filled up immediately. The energy and joy at Schloss Schöneck in Boppard was infectious and I could hardly stop dancing along as a wedding photographer – smiling faces, dancing couples and an atmosphere full of love and happiness. I love dance floors at weddings so much!

Conclusion: A wedding that connects hearts.



Party with DJ at a wedding at Schöneck Castle near Koblenz

This Portuguese wedding was more than just a simple celebration; it was a fusion of cultures, a demonstration of love that transcends borders. As a wedding photographer in Boppard, it was my honor, as always, to capture these moments with this wonderful wedding couple for eternity. On eBay you would say: “Nice, contact, gladly again.” But hey, there is no right of return for weddings, especially not for international relationships. 😉