Brachttal wedding photographer: a queer wedding at “Grillhütte Hellstein”

9. May 2023

The summer heat hung over Büdingen and Wächtersbach as I had the privilege of documenting one of the most emotional and colorful weddings I’ve ever experienced as a wedding photographer. Robin and Christoph are truly what you would envision as a “queer” wedding couple, and for me, they epitomize a relationship overflowing with love. Because no matter what came their way and how they continued to evolve, one thing was never in doubt: that they belong together. And that’s exactly what we celebrated with a bunch of guests in the truly fantastic Grillhütte Hellstein in Brachttal. 



DIY: A Celebration of Creativity in Gelnhausen

From the beginning, it was clear that this wedding would be something truly special. Almost everything was DIY and handmade, adding a personal and intimate touch to the whole event. From handmade invitations to lovingly crafted decorations, the attention to detail was overwhelming. There were colorful splashes everywhere at the Grillhütte Hellstein, hundreds of paper cranes hanging around to bring luck, the wedding arch was self-made, and so much more. As you can see in the photos, I could hardly get enough of it. For months and then for days during the setup, there was crafting, building, and hauling to make this queer wedding truly amazing. It was more than worth it!



Feier im Zelt: Summer, Heat, and Unforgettable Moments with a Wedding Photographer in Brachttal

Let me tell you, on the day before the wedding, I (and probably everyone else) was a bit worried. Why? Because it was raining cats and dogs during the setup. Seriously! The barbecue area turned into a muddy mess, and within seconds of doing a location check with the officiant, I, just like everyone else, was soaking wet. We all looked maybe just a liiittle bit apprehensive about the upcoming day. However, the wedding couple had planned ahead. A large tent was set up next to the barbecue hut, ensuring that it would still be a fantastic wedding even if it rained…

On the big wedding day, the tent turned out to be more of an additional shade provider, perfectly complementing the large old trees around the barbecue hut in Brachttal. Why? Because it was hot. Really hot! It’s crazy how the weather can sometimes play tricks on you.

So, here’s a quick aside about weather at weddings and having Plans A through Z 😀



Tips for Getting Married in the Summer in the Rhine-Main Area

1. Emotional moments despite or especially because of rain on your wedding day: Don’t worry, rain is definitely not a dealbreaker. Quite the opposite, rain can make your wedding photos even more magical. Think about romantic moments under an umbrella or reflections on wet ground, think about smiling faces when it suddenly pours, and the outdoor ceremony literally falls into the water 😀 A rain shower can lead to unexpected and beautiful photo moments. So, don’t be discouraged if the sky looks gray! We’ll handle it just fine 😉

2. Sun protection for sunny days: On bright sunny days, many wedding couples only think about perfect photos. Regardless of the weather, which I really don’t care about as a wedding photographer since I always find ways to make your memories wonderful, please remember to bring sunscreen, provide shaded areas, and have enough water for your guests. A little sunburn can be uncomfortable, especially if the wedding dress or suit exposes shoulders or arms – and let me tell you, it’s not always just SMALL sunburns for the bride, groom, and wedding party. It not only looks bad but also hurts terribly. And I’m sure no one wants that 😉

3. Wind can be your ally for wedding photos: A gentle breeze or even a roaring storm can create wonderful effects in photos, especially when it comes to flowing dresses, veils, or emotions. However, please remember to secure heavy objects or decorations for the big day so that nothing flies away.

4. Make use of the golden hour: This brief moment just before sunset offers the softest and warmest light of the day. It’s the perfect time for intimate and emotional couple photos. Ideally, plan your schedule to make the most of this magical hour. And don’t worry, I can create beautiful wedding portraits for you in just 10 minutes. However, we should have some peace and quiet without guests around, and not have to travel too far. So, when choosing your wedding venue, make sure it has some lovely spots for your wedding photos if you desire them. Remember, you don’t HAVE to have portraits. You will certainly have more than enough photos of your big day with a documentary-style approach from me. However, wedding portraits are not a bad idea for thank you cards and more. But no, we won’t be hugging trees. No chance 😉

5. Always have a Plan B-Z: Even if you’re hoping for a sunny day, weather can be unpredictable. Always. So, please make sure to consider alternatives like a tent, an indoor space, or other places where you can seek shelter from the elements without compromising on romance and ambiance. This applies to both summer and winter weddings; no matter what, you ALWAYS need an alternative plan. Because being too hot is uncomfortable as well – and unfortunately, not many locations are equipped for climate control yet. We all wish for air conditioning at 35 degrees 😀



Holi Powder: A Colorful Emotion Explosion with a Wedding Photographer in Brachttal

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the open-air ceremony conducted by Friederike, the officiant. I’ve experienced nearly 100 weddings with her by now. Yet, she never ceases to surprise, amaze, and inspire me. In this case, it was probably the most colorful ceremony ever. The entire speech revolved around colors, the colorful life of the couple, and everything the rainbow brings with it. There were smoke bombs, colorful rituals, drinks, and as a surprise entrance, the bride’s friend Robin sang. Truly, it was a celebration. But what was particularly fantastic was that all the guests wore white clothing, and right in the middle of the ceremony, there was a massive explosion of color with Holi powder.

Standing amidst all these wedding guests, capturing how they celebrated this queer couple with all the colors of the rainbow, it was amazing! It was a bit like the entire wedding party transforming into a living painting – as colorful as life itself. Friederike truly worked her magic with this open-air ceremony and once again set real standards. I can wholeheartedly recommend her to all of you. If you’re looking for an officiant for a personalized ceremony, just go straight to the officiant. She is undoubtedly worth every penny. 😀

And by the way, not just because she managed to conduct a gender-neutral ceremony at the couple’s request. She is simply one of the most sensitive, creative, and theatrically skilled people I know. I mean, hello, gender-neutral! ❤️



Party and Flashmob: A Celebration No One Will Forget

After the open-air ceremony, the party began, and what a party it was! A flash mob during the exit got everyone dancing and laughing, making the energy contagious. Then came a lively summer celebration with face painting, games, photos, and a truly relaxing afternoon with loved ones. Later, during the delicious meal and speeches, not a dry eye was left, and the tent was rocking with dancing.

Seriously, it was worth it. And it became clear once again: the queer community knows how to celebrate! And when the family joins in, everything is fantastic! This is how a colorful wedding should be. I will probably remember this wedding in the Grillhütte Hellstein forever as a wedding photographer. It was a celebration of love, acceptance, and joy, and I’m grateful that I could be part of it and capture the emotions of this very special wedding.

Are you still looking for a photographer for your wedding? I’m all about self-determination. That means, no matter how you define yourselves, whether you are cis and heterosexual or trans, intersex, non-binary, gay, lesbian, agender, aromantic, or any other form of being queer with or without any labeling: with me, you’re safe! I respect and honor you just as you are, without ifs or buts. And I would be more than happy to celebrate your love with you! So, get in touch with me, I’m here!