Dormagen wedding photographer: a special beach wedding at Wakebeach 257!

1. August 2023

As a wedding photographer, I experience many unique moments, but the summer beach wedding of bride Sidi and groom Steffen at Wakebeach 257 in Dormagen was definitely a highlight of my career. And it was completely spontaneous – a point of honor for me as a passionate wedding photographer: I always step in immediately, even at short notice, when a wedding would otherwise run the risk of being left without wedding photos. I just can’t bring myself to do it, I simply can’t let wedding couples down.


A very special beach wedding at Wakebeach 257!

Just imagine: bright sunshine, a gentle beach, the sound of the water – the perfect setting for a dream wedding. And in the middle of the district of Neuss.



Small but beautiful outdoor wedding among friends with wedding photographer in Dormagen

This wedding was something very special, not only because of the breathtaking venue, but also because it was a small free wedding ceremony among friends.

I’m not normally a fan of wedding ceremonies that are held by relatives or friends. Simply because they are (unfortunately) often not that good and tend to cause stress for the wedding couple and the guests. I praise the professional wedding speakers who really know exactly what they are doing and perform small miracles and great wonders with their free wedding ceremonies. 

In this case, however, I really have to say: your loved ones did a really great job with the ceremony! A real stroke of wedding luck, these friends and families!

The wedding couple with Turkish roots opted for an intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family members. The emotional depth and connection of everyone present was palpable and almost tangible at every moment.



Turkish wedding on the beach with wedding photographer in Dormagen

For me as a wedding photographer, it was also fascinating to see how the traditional elements of a Turkish wedding merged with the modern, relaxed beach ambience at this wedding. The colors, the music, the dances – everything contributed to an atmosphere that was both lively and deeply touching and energetic.



Hot summer, cool vibes at the champagne reception at Wakebeach257!

The summer heat added an extra dose of liveliness to the wedding – where heat can often be a problem (here are a few tips on heat at weddings), here it seemed to be a real elixir of life. Despite the high temperatures, the atmosphere remained relaxed and exuberant. The guests enjoyed the sun and the fresh breeze, while I, as the wedding photographer, had the opportunity to capture incredibly lively and dynamic images and thus capture the wedding for eternity.



Relaxed party atmosphere on the beach – in the middle of NRW

After the ceremony, the beach at Wakebeach257! in Dormagen was transformed into an exuberant party zone. The music, the laughter, the dancing couples – it was a pleasure to spend the evening with the wedding couple and their guests. The natural, informal atmosphere that prevailed throughout the day was particularly impressive.



Food trucks: a culinary delight on the beach

And another highlight! Food trucks offering a variety of culinary delights made the evening perfect and a culinary experience. From traditional Turkish dishes to modern snacks – there was something for every taste. Perfect!

I’ve brought you a few tips if you’re also considering whether food trucks might be an option for you. Please keep this in mind! 

Choosing the right food truck: Choose food trucks for your wedding that match the style and theme of your wedding. If you are also getting married at Neuschwanstein Castle in traditional costume, they may not be quite right. 

Take into account your guests’ taste preferences and any dietary restrictions. But always remember: it’s YOUR wedding 😉 

However, it’s a good idea to offer a variety of options to ensure there’s something for everyone – from savory dishes to sweet treats. Amazing!



Placement and logistics: Uh, a tricky topic! Please work with your wedding venue to ensure that the food trucks are easily accessible and visible, but don’t get in the way or disrupt the flow of the wedding reception. Think together about where the trucks can best be placed to ensure a smooth service and create a pleasant atmosphere at the same time. And don’t forget: electricity supply and waste disposal 😉 

Timing and schedule for food trucks at a wedding: Plan properly when the food trucks should serve their food. Should they be available throughout the entire wedding day or only at certain times, such as after the wedding ceremony or as a midnight snack? Coordinate the wedding day schedule with the food truck operators to make sure everything runs smoothly and confirm who is to set up and dismantle when and where, as well as from when to when food and drinks will be available 😉

Personalization and branding: Many food truck operators offer the option to personalize the menu and even the look of the truck for your wedding. Use this opportunity to offer food and drinks that reflect your personal story or the theme of your wedding. Maybe there’s just your favorite food? And of course, the appearance of the food truck should match your wedding… then it could even work with Neuschwanstein

Communication with the guests: Inform your guests in advance about the food truck options at your wedding. You can do this via your wedding website, in the invitation or with signs and menus on the wedding day itself. This way, guests know what to expect, can look forward to a unique culinary experience and queue up at the right food truck 😀

That’s the way to go!

Always remember that flexibility and good planning are key to success, not only for me as a wedding photographer in Dormagen, but also for you – especially when it comes to something as dynamic and weather-dependent as food trucks. This also applies to a wedding. You can’t plan whether everything will run smoothly, but you can be aware that even if it doesn’t, love doesn’t have to be perfect – it has to be real! 

And I can assure you: with the right preparation, food trucks like the „Bordsteinschwalbe“ can be a wonderful and unforgettable addition to your wedding celebration. At least since this great wedding at Wakebeach 257 in Dormagen, I know that for sure 😉