Frankfurt Wedding Photographer: relaxed summer wedding at “Haus im Grünen”

7. November 2017

As a wedding photographer I can tell stories of beautiful and emotional moments through the whole country and far beyond – and that’s every week . But Ricky’s and Moni’s wedding was somehow … different. And I mean pretty cool different. Who marries in a so called “Haus im Grünen” directly in the city centre of Frankfurt? Sounds strange, but the tram drove by about every 5 minutes – and still everything was really cozy and in its own world. 10 Minutes away from the centre. But first things first…

We started the day at the flat of them, where her and her bridesmaids were getting ready. After the first problems with a way too large wreath of flowers were solved, the excitement was getting even bigger.

At the location the super nervous Ricky waited for his beloved. And then – *baaaaammm* – confetti rain! A befitting entering for a beautiful vintage style bride. The first tears of the day started rolling. The ceremony was held by Eva ‘Crazy Little Wedding (our fourth wedding together this season!) on the topic “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. And that’s mid-September with about 20 *c and bright sunshine. So the weather was like ordered for a wonderful celebration in the green. Or in Frankfurt – but no one really remembered that at this wonderful ambience.

The excellent BBQ buffet added seamlessly into the atmosphere of the day. And then began the late night“Midsummer Night’s Dream” of Ricky and Moni in the form of a long party night with countless cocktails and excessive dancing. Because I love long parties as a wedding photographer, I could really enjoy it and it was totally fun, to rock the dance floor together with the guests.

Even Matze Schneider – a wedding photographer colleague, also from the Forest of Odes – was surprisingly at the wedding in Frankfurt with his Harvey, a photobooth in an old converted US-Van from the 60s. In it, the guests could make numerous photo photo boy images. A real insider tip of me, when you are interested in such images, So your wedding photographer can focus only on you and the documentary of your day.

I could tell you a lot more bigger and smaller stories about this Saturday in the autumn, that I have experienced as a wedding photographer there. But by now you should just scroll down to look at their images…