Gelnhausen wedding photographer: an american wedding at “Zum Paradies”

15. February 2017

As a wedding photographer for Gelnhausen, I get almost daily requests from brides and grooms who tell me their beautiful, emotional or touching story about themselves and tell me about their wedding plans. But when I read the mail from Rebecca and Richard from Chicago in the USA, my jaw dropped.

They took their entire circle of friends from the United States to Germany to celebrate their wedding. And the best thing: I should document the bride and groom as a wedding photographer!



Once around the world to get married with a wedding photographer in Gelnhausen!

At this point you probably ask yourself why, of all the places on this planet, you choose Gelnhausen to get married. The bride Rebecca has a special relationship with the town near Frankfurt. Her grandmother married her grandfather in the 1960s in the Peterskirche in Gelnhausen. And guess where Rebecca and Richard said “I do” 50 years later? at exactly this place!

You can imagine what an emotional wedding the two had – or just look at the pictures. 🙂



Church wedding in St. Peter’s Church – just like grandma over 50 years ago.

After the appointment at the hairdresser for the hairstyling and the getting ready of the bride in the hotel room, the wedding party went off to the church wedding in the Peterskirche in Gelnhausen. In the same church as their grandparents, Rebecca and Richard said “I do” and put on their wedding rings – that’s just priceless if you ask me!



Wedding celebration at restaurant “Zum Paradies“

After the congratulations of the guests and a small portrait shooting we drove together to the wedding venue “Zum Paradies” in Gelnhausen – not far away from the church. There, in addition to the meal, the bride and groom had their first dance and at the latest during the father-daughter dance, there was no stopping everyone and no eye remained dry. What a great American tradition!



Midnight snack with wedding photographer in Gelnhausen

And then everything was already over? Wrong! The party just went on at “Dudelsack” – an Irish pub in the center of Gelnhausen. And that with kebab, beer and dancing. That’s how I imagine a successful wedding!

Rebecca and Richard made their day an insanely personal celebration and still (or mainly because of that) had a huge amount of fun. I enjoyed attending the wedding of such fun and crazy people!