Chicago Wedding Photographer: a destination wedding in Gelnhausen

15. February 2017

As a wedding photographer I receive requests of couples almost daily, they till me their beautiful, emotional or heart-warming story about themselves and share their wedding plans with me. But when I read the mail of Rebecca and Richard from Chicago, USA, my jaw dropped.

The two go them took their entire circle of friends from the States to Gelnhausen, Germany, to celebrate their wedding!

You may wonder, why you would choose Gelnhausen from all the places on this planet, to marry. But Rebecca has a special relationship with the city in Hesse: her grandmother married her grandpa in the 1960s in St. Peter’s Church at Gelnhausen. And you can may guess, where Rebecca and Richard gave their vows 50 years later… at exactly this place!

You can imagine, what an emotional wedding they had – or you can take a look at the images. 

In the evening, we first went to the reception space “Zum Paradies” but after that we had the fun idea to continue the party in an Irish pub. Rebecca and Richard have made their day a personal celbration and still (or because of that) had great fun. I really enjoyed, to document the marriage of such fun and crazy people!