Giengen Wedding Photographer: a wedding at “SCHRANNE”

2. April 2019

What happens, if your wedding photographer has to cancel your wedding? This is a not a pretty question, that we all don’t like to bring to our minds. Disclaimer: I wish neither a photographer nor a couple, this happening. Some engaged couples are looking for weeks, until they finally found someone, who is a great fit not only in terms of pictures but also on a personal level. Then suddenly a mail in your mailbox appears or your phone rings and unfortunately your photographer has to cancel. Damnit.

But the reality is: it happens. Even if I was able to photograph all of my over 130 own weddings, it already happened three times, I had to take the place for other colleagues. Ironically, such accidents even got me photographing a wedding in Virginia, USA , USA, after a colleague from Turkey had a double booking. Luckily I was still available at that weekend and the couple completely loved my images. Everything was perfect!

From my point of view this is one of those topics where wheat separates from chaff among the photographers. These are situations, which show, professional you’re working. We are all not machines, indestructible superheroes and also make mistakes now and then. This is neither a mystery, nor particularly surprising. But at the point the main goal still remains unchanged. It must be ensured, that the bridal couple gets the best possible images. Anything else would be absolutely irresponsible.

My hedge in extreme cases is as following: I have an emergency list of about 15 photographers, and all of these I trust 200% in what they are doing, and that they will photograph your wedding – in their style – on a very high level. Moreover, with all of these people I’m in personal contact and I would call each individual as a friend.

Thus we actually already are covered for about 99% of all cases. But Steven – what happens if all of your friends don’t have time? There is still small remaining probability, which is why I am a member of a network with more than 5.000 active wedding photographers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In this group you can post emergency weddings. All members, that are still available, can contact me with their contact details. Often times more than 100 photographer sign up in the first few hours – and these we will definitely find a good replacement.

That’s all great, but why are you telling us all this just? Well, because of Sabrina and Michael! These two contacted me about four weeks before their wedding in Giengen an der Brenz, after another colleague had a double booking and could not photograph their wedding. We directly liked each other from the first second, everything was fine and thus they booked me really spontaneously.

Sabrina and Michael started their day together with the Getting Ready in their own home in Ichenhausen-Hochwang. Everything super comfortable and without much stress. For their Catholic wedding, we drove to the really beautiful St. Martinus Church in Oberstotzingen ‘. For the rest of the day we went to the a little distant Giengen. There is the “Schranne” – an updated measure of grain and town house 19. th Century with an industrial look. A really cool venue for a wedding reception. Exceptionally, they only booked me for 6 hours booked instead of my usual full-day coverages. But with such emergencies of course I do exceptions!

And as a small add-on I also received a Fearless Award for one of my images of this reportage. This is the world’s prestigious prize in wedding photography. That makes me super proud.