Hochzeitsfotograf Groß-Umstadt: Eine Hochzeit im Schloss Braunshardt in Weiterstadt

14. November 2015

Was für ein toller Kontrast: Mexikanische Lebensfreunde und eines der prunkvollsten Rokoko-Schlösser Deutschlands – das alles durfte ich als Hochzeitsfotograf Groß-Umstadt und Weiterstadt erleben.

Mein Tag begann diesmal etwas anders als gewöhnlich. Ich war ausnahmsweise nicht alleine: ich hab diesmal einen wundervollen Kollegen aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet begleitet, den ich schon mein halbes Leben als einen guten Freund schätze. Es ist natürlich die Rede von Stefan Czajkowski!

What a great contrast: Mexican joie de vivre and one of the most magnificent rococo castles in Germany – I was able to experience all this as a wedding photographer Groß-Umstadt and Weiterstadt.

My day started a little different than usual this time. For once, I was not alone: this time I accompanied a wonderful colleague from the Rhine-Main area, whom I have valued as a good friend for half my life. I’m of course talking about the fabulous Stefan Czajkowski!



Trauung im Rokoko-Schloss Braunshardt in Weiterstadt

Normally I photograph my weddings without a second photographer and some of you may ask: but Steven, isn’t that a big disadvantage? In more than 200 weddings, I have some colleagues with me from time to time. So I know the differences and that’s how I know it’s a better fit for me to be alone.



Pictures by a wedding photographer in Groß-Umstadt and Weiterstadt

After all, I do not have to permanently make sure that I am in the picture to the other wedding photographer or we have to push away to get the photo. I have full control over what photos my bridal couples get at the end of the day. Of course, sometimes it’s more stressful and you have to work more focused when you don’t have a backup.

However, I also love exactly this challenge and I need this “pressure” to bring out the best result from every situation. I think this is related to my past as a competitive athlete, that I can keep a clear head in extreme situations.



Champagne reception with wedding photographer in Weiterstadt

Janina and Alberto had their wedding ceremony in the magnificent rococo castle Braunhardt in Weiterstadt. This venue is really like something out of a movie: the scenery is simply breathtakingly beautiful and a huge recommendation for anyone who wants to get married near Darmstadt.



Portraits with wedding photographer in Groß-Umstadt

The coolest thing came afterwards, though. Because of their Mexican roots, the bride and groom had thought of something very special for the champagne reception: A Mariachi! Ok, maybe I had to google the name again – I admit it…. For all of you who are as clueless as I am about this imprint: this is a band that plays characteristically Mexican music. This is even a “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” and anyone who has ever seen a movie or documentary about Mexico will immediately know what I’m talking about.

Just as atmospheric, the party continued at restaurant “Krone” in Groß Umstadt. The day with Stefan was absolutely amazing and was just a lot of fun!