Hanau wedding photographer: an italian wedding at Philippsruhe Castle

5. March 2015

What are Italian weddings actually like, Steven? Admittedly, I have not experienced every wedding. And I won’t tell you how you should be or how you should celebrate your wedding. What I can share with you, however, are my experiences from over 250 weddings with quite a few different people and cultures. One couple of them is Nadja and Salvatore, whom I had the pleasure to accompany as their wedding photographer in Hanau.

But what are they like – the Italian weddings? Somehow louder, more impulsive, more lively. They are more festive and more celebrating life. More party, more feelings and more emotions. Italian weddings are often just more intense – and that’s exactly why I find them so great. You are not just a part of society or a wedding guest with a camera. No. You become part of the family for this one day.



An Italian wedding with wedding photographer in Hanau

At the beginning of December I was allowed to document the beautiful winter wedding in Hanau. My day already began at Philippsruhe Castle, where the wedding couple and their guests greeted me in the courtyard. There were countless hugs even before the actual wedding ceremony and it was palpable in the air: every single person was happy about the upcoming wedding of Nadja and Salvatore.



The civil wedding ceremony at Philippsruhe Castle

And then it finally started: the civil wedding ceremony in the magnificent wedding hall. This much is said: one or the other tear was shed during the marriage – beautiful to see the importance of the couple’s wedding for their friends and relatives.



Couple pictures from a wedding photographer in castle park in Hanau

After the wedding ceremony at Philippsruhe Castle, we had a small portrait shoot in the wintry park in Hanau. Just a few minutes in which the bride and groom had some time to themselves before it went on for all the guests to the celebration venue in Groß-Krotzenburg.


Wedding celebration in Groß-Krotzenburg

Here the mood really boiled up: after the meal and all the emotional speeches of big and small wedding guests, the wedding couple leads the celebration with the opening dance. Then really no one remained sitting at the tables and it was danced until the very last one’s feet were bleeding… What a great day I was allowed to document as a wedding photographer in Hanau!