Hanau wedding photographer: a hot summer wedding at “Zehntscheune”

16. October 2016

Wow, what a wedding that Bine and Ricky celebrated on one of the hottest days of the year in the Zehntscheune with me as a wedding photographer in Hanau…


Getting Ready with wedding photographer in Hanau

It’s interesting how things turn out sometimes. Originally, the two wanted to book me only three hours. However, when they found out that I only shoot full-day coverages, they spontaneously surprised me with an insanely nice phone call at lunch: “we absolutely want you!” – in retrospect, I think that was a completely correct decision, because in three hours you could never have captured this incredibly fun and all-around beautiful day in a short reportage. Despite several sweat-soaked shirts, I had huge fun and was partying late into the night!


First Look in front of Villa Stokkum

The day started at the – luckily well air-conditioned – Villa Stokkum Best Western Hotel Hanau, which is just 400 meters away from the later wedding venue. So for all wedding couples getting married in the Zehntscheune, this is a great tip for getting ready! Just like Bine and Ricky, who got ready in two different rooms: the groom got into his suit and the bride was made up by the stylist.

After Bine felt comfortable in her dress, we went straight to the First Look with the father of the bride, while Ricky was already rushing to the wedding venue to receive the guests.

Wedding ceremony in the Zehntscheune Hanau

And then there was finally the big moment – the wedding ceremony at Zehntscheune. For the first time the groom and the bride (who was led into the wedding hall by her father) had each other in their arms. During the wedding ceremony, the videographer Moments of Love from the Netherlands was also by my side.

After the “I do’s” and the kiss, we continued with the reception and a short couple shooting. For this, my couples often take only a few minutes – after all, the time with the guests is much more important. Who needs hundreds of posed wedding photos of themselves? A handful is perfectly sufficient.

Celebration with the wedding photographer in Hanau

The evening – finally it became a little cooler. In Italy or Mauritius you expect such heat, but as a wedding photographer in Hanau? Certainly not! The short break lasted only until the opening dance, where Bine and Ricky really brought the location to boil!

And so I leave you with the pictures of the party in the Zehntscheune: what a hot but great wedding day!