Heidesheim wedding photographer: an epic wedding at Sandhof

8. February 2020

Today I want to show a wedding right from my home – Rhein-Main-Region. It’s not the worst feeling when I don’t have to travel for ages and being able to photograph a wedding in a place really nearby. That’s what happened at that wonderful wedding.



Getting Ready of the bride in Mainz

Bride Angelina and Groom Daniel hat you don’t need lots of family or group pictures of your wedding – nor big distances to have honest emotions at their wedding. Really, I think it’s pretty rare to get such a big variety of wonderful real life memories, when I’m with a couple as their wedding photographer. And that really is, what I’m searching for: unstaged, unfiltered and honest wedding photos which are just as the real life. I want to show who the bride, the groom and there guests really are. Totally unmasked – and in this case even their pets.

I met with the bride Angelina early in the morning at hair dresser “Natascha Bauer Friseure” in Mainz. I can really recommend them as a wedding photographer. Hair and makeup looked fantastic till late at night. You should really pay attention to this when you’re searching for a hairdresser oder make-up artists: weddings usually take really long, so it would be awesome if everything is in place till the end.



Church Ceremony at St.-Stephan-Kirche in Mainz

Daniel – the groom – was pretty early at the church and I also stayed pretty long with the bride and her bridesmaids which I definitely enjoyed. They’re such lovely human beings. I also liked that everything was pretty close together. That means: less time in the car and more time for photography. And I also can be at more places to catch these wonderful moments we are all looking for. In the morning that pretty amazing because I can catch the magic and excitement of such a wedding day.



At St. Stephan church in Mainz the big moments happened: the bride arrived in the church with a warm welcome by the pastor for the catholic ceremony and finally Angelina and Daniel tied the know, with such a rich variety of emotions. This “i do” is much more important “I do”s in our day to day life. And that’s what they are feeling right in this moment at their wedding in Mainz. Incredible. Angelina and Daniel were so emotional during their ceremony. I mean, I don’t care if your celebrating in church, or outdoor or just by your own. For me it’s important what your feeling right in that moment and what are you feeling. I want to keep all of this forever – and that’s how wedding photos should look like in my opinion.



For the couple shooting right after the short champagne hour in front of St. Stephan church, was pretty typical for my style of photography: we had a super small session of around 10 minutes at “Schloss Waldthausen” in Mainz-Budenheim – just a handful of cool images. And oftentimes bridal couples don’t even want a couple shooting at their big day at all. Thats when I can do straight documentary style photography from start to finish.


Brautfoto bei einer Hochzeit im Sandhof in Heidesheim bei Mainz fotografiert von Hochzeitsfotograf Steven Herrschaft aus Wiesbaden


Reception at Sandhof in Heidesheim

We started off at Sandhof in Heidesheim am Rhein, with the toss of the bridal bouquet. That’s one of the traditions I really enjoy, and for this wedding is was the start of a really enjoyable and fun reception. The guests played games in the backyard and the whole mood was fanstastic – and look at that weather!



But afternoons that weddings don’t take forever and so next point on the schedule was the cake cutting. This one was super fun… Angelina and Daniel dropped their cake. Good things in that there is much more delicious wedding cake left for them and all of their wedding days. Yummy!


Kuchenanschnitt bei einer Hochzeit im Sandhof in Heidesheim bei Mainz fotografiert von Hochzeitsfotograf Steven Herrschaft aus Wiesbaden

Party-Time at the wedding venue Sandhof in Heidesheim

Fortunately I didn’t eat lots of cake… Because right after that we finally hit the dance floor. And I know that I’m writing this a lot, but I love this kind of hard and sweaty partying with all of the wedding guests and no-one is sitting around. It’s just the best! Just as it been here.

So: let’s start the party and all the look for this incredible couple!