Hochzeitsfotograf Ingelheim am Rhein: Eine unvergessliche Hochzeit im Weingut Wasem

16. June 2023

Summer in Ingelheim am Rhein has something magical, especially when you have the fortune to photograph a wedding at the picturesque Weingut Wasem. Like me 😀

I had the privilege of making Susen and Daniel even happier on this special day in Ingelheim, and I got to do it in tandem with Friederike, the officiant. I am still overwhelmed by the emotions on that wonderful day in Ingelheim.



Getting Ready: A Morning Full of Excitement with a Wedding Photographer in Ingelheim

The day began at the hotel where the getting ready took place. The excitement and anticipation were palpable in the air, as is often the case with weddings. However, it’s also a very special day. The first stage of the day was the civil ceremony in an impressive vaulted cellar. An intimate moment that brought Susen and Daniel together in a classic way. 



Outdoor Ceremony with Friederike Delong: Summer, Sun, and Emotions at Weingut Wasem

Then it was time for the outdoor ceremony right at Weingut Wasem, led by the warm-hearted officiant. It was always a celebration. Friederike often collaborates with the grooms, so they don’t have to stay at the forefront for too long, but can truly participate in the ceremony. But with Friederike and her grooms (or our grooms), it’s more like a big party as she likes to say. Because that one moment of the day belongs exclusively to the groom. And during that time, he can do whatever he feels like. Friederike is always up for the coolest things. You can see this, for example, at the Harry Potter wedding. Legendary!

Daniel, the groom on this day, whom I documented as a wedding photographer in Ingelheim, made his entrance with a wagon full of drinks – an original and relaxed start to the ceremony. Everyone was taken care of, the heat was not an issue, and the groom didn’t feel like his entrance was in any way contrived. Perfect!

And because it’s so wonderful, here are five quick tips for the perfect groom’s entrance.


Tips for the perfect groom’s entrance at a wedding

Personal Touch: Choose something that reflects your personality and suits you. But remember, this moment is all about the groom. Throughout the rest of the day, the rule often is, “the bride always wins.” Friederike and I believe: This one moment belongs exclusively to the groom 😀

Entertainment for Guests: A wagon with drinks is not only original but also ensures that guests are refreshed. In fact, having drinks during the groom’s entrance is always a good idea. Just let Friederike know your favorite drink beforehand, and she’ll have it ready to toast with you 😉

Musical Accompaniment: The first entrance, regardless of gender, is usually not the most emotional moment. That’s okay. However, a suitable song can definitely set the mood for the entrance. It certainly makes a difference whether the groom enters to “Party Rock Anthem” or “You’ll Never Walk Alone” 😉

Involvement of the “Guys” or the Best Men: Why should the groom walk down the aisle alone? It’s much better if he takes along people who will make this special moment even more special. Maybe they want to surprise the groom too? Always amazing!

Decoration: Why do grooms around the world almost never have flowers with them? And who says you can’t attach flowers to beer bottles? 😀

I don’t have to say much about the ceremony by Friederike, do I? You can see it for yourself: it was once again a rollercoaster of emotions. Because in Friederike’s ceremonies, life itself has its place. From the most wonderful to the worst moments and back again. And in this case, by the way, barefoot, because that’s what the bride wanted. For all the guests 😊

And so, in the ceremony, all the guests were actively connected. Because the wedding couple connects them all, and they all connect the wedding couple. I thought it was great. As often, a wonderful ritual that the officiant chose. 😊



An Afternoon Full of Fun and Games with a Wedding Photographer in Ingelheim am Rhein

The afternoon was characterized by laughter and joy, especially thanks to the many children who clearly had a lot of fun with the games on the lawn. After all, a wedding is sometimes simply a great family celebration 😉.



Music, Dance, and Sweet Moments at the Wedding Celebration at Weingut Wasem

As the sun slowly set, a band provided the musical backdrop, and the party began. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the delicious wedding cake, which not only looked great but tasted fantastic as well. Yum, as a wedding photographer, I wouldn’t say no to that 😉

This wedding at Weingut Wasem was a perfect example of how you can blend tradition and modernity, romance and fun together. Are you planning your own wedding in Ingelheim am Rhein or at Weingut Wasem? Contact me, and let’s capture unforgettable moments together.