Cape Verde wedding photographer: a couple shooting at the african Island Sal

10. May 2016

As a wedding photographer I get around quite a bit, I admit. Whereas I am usually driven to Lake Constance, throughout Germany or even to Mauritius for weddings, this time I was in Cape Verde. This small island state off the African mainland is considered one of the most stable and prosperous African states. And yet – or just because of that – you can find here a lot of untouched nature and the typical African mentality as well as all kinds of locations for a wonderful couple shooting. So I would be there again in a heartbeat if it would take you to Cape Verde for your wedding or for a really great after-wedding-shooting.



Couple pictures on Sal as a wedding photographer Cape Verde Islands

Sure, the island of Santiago with its capital Praia is certainly worth a trip, but I was particularly fascinated by the small island of Sal as part of the Cape Verde Islands. For me as a wedding photographer, the most remote parts of the world are of course always particularly appealing, on Sal the various possibilities for an after-wedding shoot or couple shoot are so incredibly varied and diverse that I could hardly get enough.



Pristine beaches and bays on the one hand, desert and tropical climate on the other hand are just perfect to set the scene for bride and groom there. And especially when it is most uncomfortable here in Germany. Who doesn’t wish for a cozy 25 degrees in February? Well, I do.



Wedding photos at the beach of Santa Maria in Cape Verde

And so, as a wedding photographer, I particularly enjoyed the couple shoot on Cape Verde. Because from the capital of the island of Sal Espargos to the vibrant town of Santa Maria to the turquoise waters on almost pristine beaches, I could really let off steam here as a wedding photographer. And not to forget the volcanic rocks. Really really cool! Everything is “right behind the corner” and really fast to reach, the Cape Verdean island Sal is only 30km long and 12km wide. Perfect for me as a wedding photographer!



So if you’re planning to get married in Cap Verde or spend your honeymoon on the Cape Verde Islands, I’d love to come along and celebrate your wedding with a great after-wedding shoot. It doesn’t matter if you want to get married on Sal (again) or if you prefer Santiago or Fogo, I’ll be there right away, of course.