Königstein im Taunus wedding photographer: an emotional skandinavian brasilian wedding

23. January 2018

Wedding photographer at a wedding in Königstein im Taunus with a bride from Norway and a groom from Brazil? That makes my wedding photographer heart beat even faster, because I just love international weddings. This cosmopolitanism, party joy and such a great togetherness. Amazing, really.



Getting Ready for a wedding at Falkenstein Grand Kempinski in Königstein

The Falkenstein Grand Kempinski was our meeting point for the Getting Ready of the bride and groom. The perfect place to get cozy, feel completely at ease and, together with your loved ones, push the anticipation of the upcoming wedding to the extreme. And I am happy every time I can document these special moments as a wedding photographer. For one thing, the atmosphere is very special, but most importantly, it gives the bride and groom and me a chance to get to know each other, and the bride and groom get used to having someone with a camera by their side right away. That’s why I love a good Getting Ready at such a beautiful place as the Falkenstein Grand Kempinsky in Königstein im Taunus.



After the Getting Ready we headed to Immanuelkirche, which is located in the center of the old town of Königstein/Taunus. There, in an emotional ceremony, the bride and groom said their “I do” with all their guests who had traveled from all over the world to celebrate their wedding with them.



Wedding celebration at Villa Borgnis in Königstein im Taunus

The wedding guests and I as a wedding photographer spent the rest of the day at Villa Borgnis, which is located in the middle of the spa gardens of Königstein. A wedding location that is also suitable for somewhat larger wedding parties. So also the illustrious round of this wonderful international wedding found their place. Many of the wedding guests were in Germany for the first time and so the joy and emotion was very great on all sides even after the ceremony. What a wonderful reason Lea and Claus had to gather all their loved ones around them. And you could feel that too. There was just magic in the air. And the humidity must have been particularly high at this wedding?



As it got cooler later, the wedding party moved inside Villa Borgnis in Königstein. What a beautiful wedding location! The bride and groom really shone during the creative and emotional speeches.



And then, after a great meal, it was finally time: The party started with Lea and Claus’ first dance. Yay! I just love a good party.

And communication problems at this international wedding? No way, when the cups are flying high and the guests from all over the world just want to celebrate that Lea and Claus, two such wonderful people, have tied the knot.