Michaelstadt wedding photographer: a civil wedding in the historical townhall

2. May 2015

A huge castle, mountains of flowers, decorations as far as the eye can see and a wedding dress so pompous that only a princess could wear it. But do you even need that? I was allowed to accompany Sonja and Markus as a wedding photographer in Michelstadt im Odenwald.

What is a wedding actually about? Is it about all those great things you know from movies or TV? All the things you see in series like “4 weddings and a dream trip“? Do you need thousands of wedding guests or isn’t a wedding ceremony for two enough?



What makes a good wedding at Odenwald?

I think everyone has to answer that question for themselves. I definitely don’t want to say that you can’t or shouldn’t allow yourself such a luxury. But is it really necessary to celebrate a beautiful wedding?

I don’t think so. After all, it’s all about one thing: love. A day where you say “yes” not only to yourself, but also to a future together. It’s about celebrating a party with the friends, relatives and people you like to have around you. And that’s exactly how Sonja and Markus celebrated their wedding day in Michelstadt im Odenwald.



Couple pictures from the wedding photographer in Michelstadt

My day as a wedding photographer started with a short couple shoot in the picturesque old town of Michelstadt. Even the small rain shower did not dampen the mood of the bride and groom – they just had fun together and were happy to have each other.



The civil wedding in the historic town hall

For the civil wedding ceremony, the two had chosen a very special place. Not in a sterile city hall, but in the historic town hall of Michelstadt, the two of them concluded their marriage. There was no crowd of wedding guests present, but just their 15 closest confidants. After all, that’s all it takes. Sonja and Markus focused on what was important to them personally: their circle of friends, a great venue and, of course, high-quality wedding photos. They simply left out the rest.

And that’s exactly why I really enjoyed accompanying the two of them on their big day.