Odenwald Wedding Photographer: a beach wedding (nearly) without the beach!

30. March 2017

Home game. Can you say that about a wedding? That I photograph a wedding in the Odenwald, it actually already become a rarity. I often drive with my green Seat halfway across the country or even far beyond. But this time everything was different. Jeannette and Tobi are coming from Lützelbach – just like me. 

The two of them set up a new record: my journey to the getting ready took just 450 meters (!!) or 53 seconds. We started with Jeannette’s hair and styling at Friseursalon Rudolph in Lützelbach, while Tobi dressed up at home for his big day.

For the portraits we went to a really cool place, that perfectly fit into the whole day, in- It is a nice, small lake right next to another wedding venue: the Seehotel Niedernberg. Since I started photographing, I always come back for weddings at this hotel and it fitted well for Jeannette’s and Tobias Wedding. We truly had beach-feeling there. And I can tell you, even the weather underlined that: 35 Degrees in the shade (and 4 fully sweated shirts) felt like the sea in Italy.

The wedding venue was Weingut Wingerter, in Röllfeld. But what these two made out this barn, totally impressed me and all of their wedding guests. Jeannette and Tobi love to tinker, to sew and everything, they can do on their own. They even love it so much, that they decided to do this professionally. You have to take a look at “Miniaccessoires” by clicking…

The wedding ceremony was special, extra-ordinary, exotic and crazy. Actually, there are many more adjectives, to describe the beautiful ceremony of Eva a.k.a. “’Crazy Little Wedding” … But you simply have to scroll down to experience it… Finally we arrived at the Italian beach. And then the big surprise came: Tobi jumped up, grabbed the guitar and sang: Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away”. At that point not even my eyes remained dry. A truly magic moment full of love, sentiment and romance. Wow.

In the evening there was a huge party together with “DJ Lukas Beat” and trust me: those guys rocked the barn!