Montfort Castle Wedding Photographer: a civil wedding at Lake Constance

15. March 2019

Today I take you once again with me to Lake Constance. However, not to a big party like the one of Zsuzsanna und Denis with nearly 200 guests, but to a much smaller celebration with just 30 friends and family members. This time my journey begins in the small town of Meersburg, where Nicole and Kristijan have their apartment. You just have like to have the open and good-natured way of these two people . I already knew that from the Skype conversations ahead of the wedding day, where we talked for such a long time about many things.

Both got ready at home, where they dress up there. and got into their suits, before we went for the civil ceremony to the centre of Meersburg. The wedding of Nicole and Kris took place in the baroque wedding room and was really emotional for both of them as well as their guests. After the numerous congratulations we went for a quick stop to Rebgut Haltnau for the champagne reception. In my view, the bridge and the setting is one of the most beautiful spots of the entire Lake Constance, because it is completely secluded and has an idyllic appear, but still is close to the action. I really appreciated as a wedding photographer, that I often get the opportunity, to discover (often really worth seeing) places and sceneries. I get to know new places, where I’ve never been. So who thinks about, marrying in Meersburg-region and is still looking for a great venue, I can only recommend Haltnau.

However, we were not even arrived at our final destination. For the evening’s celebration, we went to a very special place: the Monfort castle in Langenargen. Our luck: the weather cleared during the trip, so we had really warm and pleasant temperatures at the end of September and an insanely great sunset. After sunset, there was a very delicious dinner and finally we all celebrated together the wedding of the both of them. A wonderful atmosphere does not always need a lot of guests. Even in a small group we all had (including myself) a lot of fun!