Hochzeitsfotograf Seligenstadt: eine verrückte Hochzeit im Schafhof Amorbach

31. March 2022

Dead energy?! Certainly not at this wedding. On the contrary, at this wedding in Seligenstadt, which I was documented as a wedding photographer, the energy really went through the roof! And that from the first moment onwards!



Getting ready of bride and groom at a wedding in Seligenstadt

I met the bride Sandy directly in the morning with her stylist, who provided the bridal hairstyle and the appropriate make-up. And already here the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride and other guests were bubbling with energy, anticipation and atmosphere. That tingle in the air on the morning of a wedding is better than any champagne, really! And also “the guys” at the groom’s getting ready were in no way inferior to the party mood at this wedding and really did the wedding morning all the honor before they left for the church.



First look with the bride’s father

But look at how Sandy’s father reacted when he saw his daughter, the bride of the day, for the first time. I am really glad that I was able to capture this moment as a wedding photographer in Seligenstadt. One look really says more than 1000 words.



Kirchliche Trauung in der Basilika St. Marcellinus und Petrus in Seligenstadt

That’s what the little girl in the church must have thought, too, who perhaps wasn’t listening SO attentively to the church wedding ceremony in the “Basilica Seligenstadt St. Marcellinus and Petrus” for a second. But this small low point was replaced again by a heap of energy, when the wedding party fell into the arms of the wedding couple at the church forecourt. Again, all that tingly wedding energy, which is one of the reasons I really wanted to be a wedding photographer after the first time I helped out as a photographer at a wedding. As a wedding photographer, I just always wanted and still want to throw myself right into the middle of all that energy. There is simply nothing better for me.



Wedding party at Landhotel Schafhof Amorbach

And apparently not for the bride and groom of this wedding. After their speech and the first dance in the “Landhotel Schafhof Amorbach” they really could not find any dead energy… even if the band that brought the wedding party to boil over is called “Dead Energy” 😀.

By the way, the two-man-band from Seligenstadt is an absolute recommendation if you like good handmade music and cover songs of the last 134 years!