Solingen Wedding Photographer: a wedding at Villa Lindenhof

11. March 2019

For this wedding I was in Solingen as a photographer. But for this time things were a little special: it was not a normal wedding for me – and even further: I was nervous. Actually, I never am nervous, because I trust myself, what I can do: my experience of more than 120 weddings and my sense, to read situations. So what was so different with this wedding?

Claudia and Frank are not a normal couple for me. Well, my couples never are “normal”, because each of them has its quirks and peculiarities. But Frank is a very important person in my life. After all, he has contributed significantly to my success, and that I am the wedding photographer, as you know me today. Not without reason I call him jokingly like to think “Photo-Papi”. He has believed since my first years in my talent and helped me with countless tips and useful advice ever since . From my eyes he is one of krassesten wedding photographers in Germany and in the “Masters Of German Wedding Photography” he counts already for years the best in the country. And now someone like him asks me, if I wanted to be his wedding photographer? – I think, being a little nervous is kind of understandable.

I documented there wedding which was two days long. On the first day the civil ceremony was held at “Haus Kirchheide” only with their closest friends- and family. After that we went Claudia’s parents house, where the reception was held. For the rest of the day Claudia and Frank planed something special: snowboarding in the “Skihalle Neuss” – and for me that was a novelty. I honestly never been either skiing or snowboarding in my entire life. In fact, I’ve also never been to an indoor ski hall. Still, it was a totally cool experience for me and I had quite some fun, to be part of that with my camera.


Day 1. The Wedding Ceremony



The second day was simply special. Because that was the party day in a slightly larger circle of people. At the opposite of the registry office Solingen there is a super small but still beautiful venue: namely that is the Villa Lindenhof. For me it was something all new, that of roughly 40 guests there were about 10 wedding photographers as guests: amazing, incredibly talented colleagues of both of us! From that experience I can say now, that a wedding with so many other photographers can be incredibly stressful. But just insanely cool. That’s how things were going, that we get the idea of a “Dress Swaps” came. So: Frank stepped into the dress of Claudia and the other way around – and then we went on the bouncy castle. Damn, we had a fun… 

After the meal was finally party time with all the colleagues, who brought the small hall to a boil right away. As Frank said afterwards: you do not need hundreds of guests, to celebrate a cool wedding party – and I think he’s so right with that. But you will see yourself anyways in the pictures afterwards.

At the end there was even a “Fearless Award” to me! This is the world’s most prestigious association in the wedding photography and it makes me really proud, that my image was awarded in such an outstanding place. Mission accomplished.