Solingen Wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer I was able to photography wedding all over Germany and far beyond in the last years. In Solingen I have photographed several weddings. That’s why I wrote a few little tips for you, that might come useful in your wedding planning.

Top wedding venues in Solingen

A small but nice venue is Villa Lindenhof. The best thing: it is located in the Centre of Solingen, on the side of the civil registry. The wedding venue is a villa with several small rooms and halls. Thus it is more suitable for wedding parties with less people.

Dress swap at a wedding at the Villa Lindenhof in Solingen

A venue that offers an urban atmosphere is „Alte Schlossfabrik“. A total of three different sized rooms offer exactly the right space for everyone. The “Schlossfabrik” is an old industrial plant in Solingen. From the perspective of a photographer the venue is perfect for real urban-style weddings!

In front of the registry office in Solingen

A level finer is Wasserschloss Hackenhausen. There is space for up to 100 people and the possibility of do a wedding ceremony in their garden. Not only that – due to its location a bit away from the Centre, you can celebrate really well at the Castle!

Getting ready for a Solingen wedding

„One of the Top 5 Wedding photographers in Germany“

These were only a few venues in the vicinity of Solingen. Maybe you found something totally different – I’m curious. You have to tell me more about it.

In the last few years, I was awarded more than 80 times at national and international competitions. Außerdem wurde ich mit dem Titel „Top 5 Wedding photographer in Germany“ 2016 and 2017 at the biggest competition in German-speaking countries.

If you want to see more of my images, you should take a look at my Blog ‘. There, that I had been part of in the last years. You feel like, telling me more about your wedding dreams right away? I’m totally looking forward to a message at my contact form!