Hochzeitsfotograf Sylt: Eine Freie Trauung am Ellenbogen

22. October 2021

It’s no secret: my best friend is a speaker for wedding ceremonies – Friederike Delong a.k.a. Trautante. 

With her I learned something I really enjoy as a wedding photographer through a joint project already six years ago, which surprised me: Extremely tiny weddings! Because seriously, it doesn’t take 100 guests to have an awesome wedding. It doesn’t depend on the most amazing wedding decor, the most engaged wedding guests, the hippest wedding venue or the most delicious wedding food. It’s all about the love! And when you manage to have the best time of your life without all the wedding trappings, it’s just insane. 

And that’s exactly how it was here. 


A wedding renewal at the north sea

With Friederike, I was on Sylt a few days before the actual wedding, we were working a lot, going here and there on the island, picking out the best wedding location for the renewal ceremony, having a nice working vacation and doing our best. We were looking forward like crazy to the perfect place on the perfect island with the perfect wedding couple. Of course, for me as a wedding photographer on Sylt, the look also counts. It would be weird if I didn’t care where the wedding took place. 

And then?

Emotional wedding ceremony at Sylt

After several beautiful sunny days, the weather was one big foggy soup on the day of the wedding on Sylt. We would have had to stand INSIDE the water to make the North Sea visible. And for once it was not because of the low tide. 

At first, we were disappointed as a wedding speaker and wedding photographer on Sylt. Of course!

But as I said: A wedding is perfect when you don’t care about all the wedding stuff and still (or because of that) have the best time of your life!

I mean, just look at that! 



Wedding photography at “Ellenbogen” in Sylt

We sent Nadja and Tobias the location and they just trusted us completely as a wedding officiant and wedding photographer on Sylt. And then we stood there at the “Ellenbogen” on a salt meadow between all the sheep and Friederike, the wedding host, showed what she can do. She painting the most beautiful pictures with words, building the greatest emotional roller coasters and simply whipping the wedding couple through the emotions. Without any fuss at all. Simply because she creates the best possible wedding ceremonies with her own words I’ve ever seen. They really take you into life, they captivate and unleash at the same time. So all you need is her little book of notes, a wedding couple and a wedding photographer on the island of Sylt to have the time of their lives together!

Well, maybe a few sheep for the optics 😀