Tuscany wedding photographer: an emotional elopement wedding in Cecina

21. July 2020

Four people at a beach in Tuscany at sunrise: a wonderful couple in love, a wedding ceremonist and a wedding photographer. That is all you need for the perfect wedding in times of the pandemic!

Virus, regulations, uncertainties… That is how you can summarize weddings in 2020. Unfortunately. Weddings in times of Corona can be stressful – even more, if you can’t get used to all this as weddings are usually planed on a long hand. Lots of guests, gratulations, eating and drinking together – and parties till late at night. That’s how you imagined a wedding. At least before corona.

Maybe this is the starting point to “re-think” weddings.  Far away from bigger, prettier and more instagram-able with a thousands guests, decorations and stuff you actually don’t need. Back to what is really important: Two people in love who want to live together for the rest of their lifes.

That is all you need for an amazing wedding.



Okay, and a wedding ceremonist for the ceremony and a photographer isn’t too bad either. That’s just four people making a wedding unforgettable. Without any fears for their loved ones and to be the next COVID-19 hotspot. No buckets of sanitizer or social distancing groups. But instead an Elopement the wedding couple and us as vendors will be thinking about for the next 1000 years. This is what Sophie and Christian did – with ceremonist  Trautante Friederike and me as the wedding photographer at a beach in Tuscany, Italy.



It’s was an amazing sunrise at the Tuscany beach for a wedding. Perfect to celebrate the love, no matter if it’s for the first  or a second time tying the knot as Sophie and Christian did with their wedding renewal.



We decided that sunset would be the perfect moment for the start of the ceremony. The light was beautiful and the beach was nearly empty. Nearly no people around – that’s awesome in these crazy times. 😉 Friederike found the perfect words that led to all those feelings and spontaneous moments. She told the story of Sophie and Christian, and how and why they fell in love. It was so amazing seeing both of them in tears as all of this came together. Not a single person can do those things better than Friederike. She is so talent in what she is doing.



The last part of the ceremony was actually IN the water. Well, we struggled a little with those waves, but is was so much fun. And even the ring exchange and the first kiss went perfectly. Afterwards we all had a fun time fooling around in the water and we definitely had the time of our lifes. 😀



It was an incredible experience to document this small wedding in Tuscany as a wedding photographer. I bet, we will talk about this morning in a thousand years (“1000 years” was the theme of their ceremony)!



Oh, and look at this wedding dress in forest. Incredible.  The whole trip was so worth it!



So if you could decide – were would the four of us travel to? Where would you love to jump into the water or to with mountain would you travel with us? Friederike and I used the corona crisis to build a Camper-SUV. We can travel contact-free wherever you want to. To the end of the world, or wherever you want to have your ceremony with all these moments and photos to remember. 😉