Vaihingen Wedding Photographer: a damn cool wedding at Steinbachhof

10. April 2019

One of the craziest wedding parties. Ever, ever, ever! And usually I don’t write something like that at the beginning of a blog post – but you will agree with me, if you look at the following pictures you…

And that’s even if the day of Fanny and Fredi started actually quite calm and relaxed in Leinfelsen-Echterdingen. For those of you, who do not know, where I am this time: we started at best weather in a small town not far from Stuttgart Airport. Fanny had her Getting Ready in the house of her parents with her maid of honor, while Fredi and his boys hang out with their shisha and a beer at the terrace. It was just a great atmosphere, even before we went to their church wedding.

The ceremony was at the Stephanuskirche in Echterdingen with all their relatives, friends and acquaintances. After all the congratulations were finished Fanny and Frederic’s a smaller circle of friends went on to Steinbachhof Eißler in Vaihingen. Alright, honestly: the winery is quite in the middle of nowhere and you can only get there via dirt roads. But once you’re there, you know immediately, why Fanny and Fredi have chosen the Steinbachhof. It’s a really lovely spot and it is especially complete world for itself. As I already teased before: It was loud and wild – and unfortunately it not only happened once in the past, that right when the party is on it’s max, the police knocks at the door. Exactly that couldn’t happen to Fanny and Fredi. A huge advantage of you’re miles away from any houses where people are living.

I digress once again. Damnit. Let’s talk about the afternoon. During this time, the guests spread all over the entire place; played games, drank champagne and talked. An insanely pleasant atmosphere – even for me as a wedding photographer. At sunset there were very cool speeches by the family and friends of the couple, before the food was served – and the caterer of the state parliament. Although I am relatively undemanding, what the topic “Eat at weddings” As for, I have to admit that this stuff was on point. Rarely eaten so damn good in my entire life!

And then it was the time: first the Wedding Dance followed by pure escalation. Don’t get me wrong: I also like silent weddings and those have their own charm – but I had a ton of fun that night, going crazy with all the people around me. Left hand my flash, right hand the camera and then just celebrating in the middle of the crowd. Even while writing all this, I have the biggest smile on my face, just from the memories of that night. A very, very great evening with super cool people…