Darmstadt Wedding Photographer: a casual wedding at “Weststadtbar”

6. August 2018

As you might know, I travel a lot for my weddings. But honestly: its still nice, when you can sleep dead-tired and exhausted in your own bed and not have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from home.

In this case, I photographed a wedding in the South Hessian Darmstadt. My home – just 30 Kilometers from where I live in the Forest of Odes. And yet Darmstadt offers one of the coolest places ever: that’s the Weststadtbar. This is an old industrial building and the perfect spot for an urban celebration. Yep, Nicole and Andreas have style – to say the least for now. 

Even with the maid speaker, the two of them demonstrated an excellent taste: Eva Hildenbeutel (‘Crazy Little Wedding) did once more a wonderfully personal wedding ceremony for Nicole and Andreas. For those of you who do not know Eva, you should really check her site out. She is one of my favorite speakers and just unbelievably good, in the way, she does!

So there we go: the recipe for a beautiful, casual wedding in Darmstadt, I was allowed to document the day as a photographer.

When I think back, seems to me, above all, the color “yellow” to mind. Actually, I’m not a fan of Decoration, Chi-Chi and all that stuff. I believe, that a wedding is not about the material. It’s about love, affection and family. Accordingly, the moments always have more importance to me.

But if you have a consistent topic – yellow shoes,, decorated with sunflowers and of course the first dance with “Yellow ” begins by Coldplay, I have to admit, that it looked wonderful.

And so my day ends with another awesome Party.

Yep, I might use this word combination a bit inflationary lately. But as a photographer, I simply love them: crazy celebrations with dancing, much alcohol and good vibes. I enjoy these evenings again and again. And now: images!