Wiesbaden wedding photographer: a wedding at Bahnhof Hohenstein

1. September 2015

Some stories even I as a wedding photographer in Wiesbaden can not forget. One of them is that of Marie and Josh, who got married in the Taunus with a great DIY wedding. However, this may also be due to the fact that their story as a bride and groom also permeated everywhere in the wedding and especially in the wedding ceremony with “Trautante“.



Getting Ready of the bride with wedding photographer in Wiesbaden

It is namely that somehow everything with the two had to do with stars and stones. And so there was not only a place at their wedding where all the guests could look at stars, but also all sorts of allusions to it in the wedding ceremony.

The wedding day of the two – and thus also of me as their wedding photographer – began, however, with the getting ready of the bride at the hairdresser in Wiesbaden. I had no idea how well the hairstyle would have to hold in the evening at the celebration. 😀


Getting married in Hohenstein in the Taunus Mountains

With the pretty hairdressing  by Blooms in Wiesbaden we went to the wedding venue, where the make-up artist Sabine Johnson, the bride’s friends and sisters and of course the groom and his boys were already waiting for us. They had diligently done the finishing touches after several days of their own set-up, so that the tent shone in full wedding splendor. And I also met the bride’s aunt, who would later organize the free wedding ceremony, there. What a great reception for a great day, which I was allowed to accompany as a wedding photographer in the Taunus and tell the wedding story in pictures.

The wedding venue was the train station Hohenstein in Taunus and I can tell you: Really beautiful there. Quite away from the shot, but that is for a successful party quite useful?



Wedding ceremony with the Trautante at the train station Hohenstein near Wiesbaden

After the further Getting Ready with bride and (of course separately) the groom the wedding ceremony already started. And I have really never experienced it so great. As a wedding photographer, I am more responsible for the visual, but then even I listened properly. And now I know why stones and stars had a special place during the wedding ceremony and the rest of the wedding day, how the bride and groom work and what makes them the way they are. In short: really great. This makes the wedding speaker “Trautante” for me as a wedding photographer really the first choice for a wedding ceremony.



Wild celebration with wedding photographer near Wiesbaden

You already know that I like big emotions and feelings at weddings. And there were some of them during the wedding ceremony and also afterwards it was “Bottoms up! Marie and Josh really let it rip at their wedding, which was self-made from start to finish.

So much, by the way, that – well – the quiet venue of the Hohenstein train station was not enough for this wedding and shortly before it became light again the police stood in front of the party tent. With the question of who was responsible… was not so that one would not have recognized Marie in her beautiful inherited wedding dress 😀

That’s when the dress told the story. Which I no longer forget.