Making Of Bild von Hochzeitsfotograf Steven Herrschaft auf einer Hochzeit fotografiert von Samuel Gesang

But I can take you with me! I can take you by the hand with the photos of your wedding and let you show and relive the most emotional and profound stories of your big day over and over again.

I can't imagine anything more awesome than photographing weddings!

And really up close and personal with a real reportage that is just the way you are! I don't tell you how to be, what to do or what not to do. As a wedding photographer, I do not interfere with the day out of emotional conviction. Neither on a large scale nor on a small scale. You and your big day, your wedding, are perfect! And that, just as you are! No matter how crazy, offbeat, wacky or unusual your wedding plan may be:


We only live once! Weddings. Whether in the Odenwald, in Wiesbaden, now in Koblenz, or somewhere completely different, on the North Sea or Baltic Sea or even in Italy or the USA: My goal as a wedding photographer was and is to capture how you really are! Unposed and uncensored! Does that sound like a dream job? That's exactly what it is! Being a wedding photographer is simply the greatest thing for me! I'm incredibly happy that so many very different people have trusted me for over 9 years, entrusting me with their wedding and their emotions on their big day and making sure that I get to spend my weekends with the coolest people. With so many emotions that my wedding photographer's heart starts to leap wildly. Just like I do on the dance floor with you and your loved ones in the evening.

In the meantime, I have been able to accompany more than 250 weddings as a wedding photographer and every single one of these days was really something very special. Every wedding was unique. Because their people, their stories and their emotions are unique.

Every wedding tells its very own story. And that's why I love weddings everywhere, but especially in my adopted home of Koblenz, of course:

I immerse myself in a new family, in new stories, in new experiences, in new adventures and become a part of this wedding, this special moment, these emotions. And if you as the bride or groom simply forget that I'm there, then I've done everything right.


As a wedding photographer in Wiesbaden, Koblenz or anywhere else, I only shoot full-day reportages. Because you know that now: I am part of your wedding, celebrating the very special moments and the unique stories with you. And after all, the particularly good stories always have a harmonious and relaxed beginning, which gradually leads to the climax - your wedding ceremony - and ends with a grand finale - your wedding reception. And that's exactly what I want to experience, show and bring to life. Over and over again. That's why you get me and my camera, my experience and my fast running shoes for your entire wedding day. You can sit back and relax, you don't have to worry about schedules and daily routines of the wedding. At least not from a photographic point of view. Because I'm at the start. All or nothing! It would be a shame if you didn't have any pictures of the sister who bursts into tears when she sees the bride for the first time. It would be hard to imagine if the wedding reportage didn't include the most amazing part - the groom spontaneously stripping for the bride at midnight or something.


Sure, the great wedding decorations, the flowers, the dress, the beautiful church or the great wedding location are eye-catchers, but these moments are what drive me. It's these experiences that will still take you back to your wedding in 30 or 40 years' time. They are so wonderful and so important. Because these moments are what define you as people.

And then in 50 years' time you can sit in front of the fireplace with your grandchildren on your lap, leaf through your wedding album and say: "Look what a great time we had back then! And how good that our wedding photographer Steven threw himself so blatantly on the floor for this photo. Look at that, it's awesome!" So: Let's write stories together. Wedding stories. Which I as a photographer can then capture for eternity.

What would you like? Wiesbaden? Koblenz? Something in between or something completely different? I'll be there. As your wedding photographer!