All of these things are paired with my humor, the game with play of action and reaction and unusual perspectives. This is the mix. My mix, which I like to call the “Steven-Style” which is the way, I shoot every wedding. In this gallery you will find pictures of exactly this mixture. Welcome to my portfolio.

However, wedding photography is more than just a compilation of few images. In my Blog you can find complete wedding stories from the beginning with the Getting Ready to excessive party in a wedding location.

My portfolio: these are 30 images that show, how I think and what makes my style as a photographer. This compilation characterizes my way of photographing: real moments and real emotions. Playing with light and shadow. But also the complexity of a wedding day with all its facets:


But there are pictures, that show much more than just a simple situation at a wedding. These types of images allow the viewer to feel, how it was to right be in that position of the photographed people.


Cape Verde Islands, Mauritius, America or Italy. In recent years, I was able to travel to many wonderful places as a wedding photographer and tell the stories of people from around the world.

I am honored that I have been invited by so many engaged couples from other countries and continents for their wedding and take pictures of this amazing day.