Cape Verde Islands Wedding

You would love do something crazy and don’t want to do your wedding in your home country? I can’t wait to tell you something about one of my favorite place in the world for weddings – that’s Cape Verde Islands.

I travel a lot as a wedding photographer and I see lots of amazing places all round the globe. One the most beautiful places so far been the Island of Sal as part of the Cape Verde Islands.

But why should you do your wedding here?

I’m a fan of Africa since forever and the islands having so much to offer – small, African islands not far away from the coast with an incredible vibe and a unique feeling. It’s a super cool mix of tradition and Portuguese modern culture. Even the holiday island of Sal is in most parts untouched. A good third of the island is desert with fine sand. What a great place for a wedding shooting!

A few tips for a great Cap Verde Wedding

The docks of Santa Maria in Sal are perfect for wedding pictures !

Santa Maria is the largest city at Sal with lots of idyllic spots for special images. One of these is the wonderful huge beach lots of nice places. The Morabeza hotel in the center of Sal even offers wedding ceremony at the beach. That means you can tie the knot at the beach and celebrate after words in the hotel!

Cape Verde Islands – a special place to tie the knot

Not only Santa Maria is amazing – in the north the island has lots of untouched nature to offer as well as beautiful cliffs. At some spots, the  landscape reminds me to what it looks like at the planet Mars. And no one is here, as far you can see.

Mind-blowing cliffs at the coast of Sal

More amazing places to celebrate weddings are the neighbor islands of Sal. You should definitely go there as well – especially Boa Vista, Santiago, Sao Vicente or Sao Anao are quite different but yet not less fascinating. Everyone considering marrying at Cape Verde island will definitely find the perfect space to do so!

The  Salinen in Pedra da Lume – perfekt für Paarshootings!

A Destination Wedding Photographer all around the globe

As a photographer I had the pleasure to shoot weddings all around the globe at countless amazing places. Cape Verde Islands are only one of them.

In the last years, I was awarded with more than 200 national and international awards. If you want to see more of my adventures, you should definitely check out my wedding blog.

Or you may want to tell me about your wedding plans right away? You may marry at an entire different place. I’d love to hear about your crazing, adventurous place in your head for your wedding!